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MATH113 Calculus I
10 February: I have recently had technical problems with this website. I think that everything is working now. If you find any broken links, please let me know at
13 February: Provisional midterm exam dates are 16 March and 13 April. These may change so please watch for annoucements closer to the exams.
25 February: Many of you have had problems registering for the homework at MyLab. Due to technical problems there, the people at Pearson have asked me to create a new homework course.

If you are already registered at course93502, then you don't need to do anything: Please just carry on completing the homework.
If you can't register at the original course, please try to register for course48136 instead. I will ensure that both homework courses have the same questions (or if not possible, same number and same difficulty). Plus I will extend the homework deadlines so that everyone will have time to register and complete the homework assignments.
14 March: The first midterm exam is postponed until further notice.
Office No.
First Midterm Exam
Monday 16 March
Second Midterm Exam
Monday 13 April
First Makeup Midterm Exam
to be announced
Second Midterm Makeup Exam
to be announced
Final Exam
to be announced
Makeup Final Exam
to be announced
Past Exams
1st Midterm Exam (solutions)
2nd Midterm Exam (unavailable)
Final Exam (solutions)
1st Midterm Exam (solutions)
2nd Midterm Exam (solutions)
Final Exam (solutions)
2017-18 Autumn
1st Midterm Exam (solutions)
2nd Midterm Exam (solutions)
Final Exam (solutions)
2017-18 Spring
Midterm Exam (solutions)
Final Exam (solutions)
2018-19 Autumn
1st Midterm Exam (solutions)
2nd Midterm Exam (solutions)
Final Exam (solutions)
2018-19 Spring
1st Midterm Exam (solutions)
2nd Midterm Exam (solutions)
Final Exam (solutions/çözümler)

Course code:
course93502 or course48136

All the homework for this course will done on the MyLab&Mastering website.

New students must purchase a new copy of the textbook which includes an access code for MyLab&Mastering. Once you have your access code, follow these instructions to register on the website.

Repeating students should already have an access code. If your access code has expired, you must contact Pearson support at

It is your responsibility to complete the exercises well before the deadline. If you leave them to the last day and the website is broken that day - tough! Please be aware that if your exam scores are too low, then your homework will not be counted.


George B. Thomas Jr., Maurice D. Weir and Joel Hass, Thomas' Calculus, Thirteenth or Fourteenth edition in SI units, Pearson.

Office Hours

If you have any questions, you can find me in my office (C333) each

  • Wednesday 14:00-15:00.

You may also email your questions to me at Please don't forget to write "MATH113" in your emails.

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